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[su_quote cite=”Mark Morris”]For many renovators, the biggest concern is the quality of the trade work. Our experience with WA Assett was one of complete satisfaction from strip out to clean-up.

Frances (in-home consultant) had many good ideas regarding layout, design and fittings and Mel was helpful and thorough with colour and component selections. Impressive also, was the demo & plumbing work, which will never be seen, but Travis was careful and accurate.

Tiling makes or breaks the job! Dave the tiler is a genius, wrangling 2.5 tonnes of porcelain tiles into four beautiful rooms, after hours of crawling over the floor planning layouts and fall, so the pattern & grout lines were perfect. An artisan who understands the medium, (they don’t pay you enough Whiz).

Final fit-out was equally good, with George & Amel taking extra care to ensure the rails are perfectly horizontal, taps are exactly aligned and the chrome stays shiny, else they have to answer to Alan the supervisor, who was untroubled by any of our requests and sorted them immediately.

WA Assett bring you the complete package but are also happy for owners to supply or source items.

Ask lots of questions, take lots of photos, enjoy the result. [/su_quote]