Five Tips To Create A Day Spa Vibe At Home

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When it’s you against the world, some days it’s best to just head home, lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a nice, relaxing bath.

When it’s you against the world, some days it’s best to just head home, lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a nice, relaxing bath.  

These days, bathroom designs aren’t merely catering to washing off the day’s dirt.  They’re a calming oasis in the home that we want to retreat to for some R&R.  The bathroom has become a place of sanctuary, where we can rest and rejuvenate before heading back out into the world.

If your bathroom has more outhouse vibe than day spa, here are five tips the team at WA Assett has put together to get your bathroom feeling as zen as Buddha himself.  

1. Deep baths

Nothing says relaxation like sinking into a luxurious, deep bath.  Whether it be bubbles, rose petals or bath salts, there’s something about being completely immersed in warm water that makes our whole body relax and submit.  And the deeper the bath, the better. 

Deep baths have come a long way over the past few years, and are available in a galaxy of shapes, colours, designs and textures as more and more people look to turning their bathroom into a private retreat.  

Free-standing deep baths are the ultimate in luxury, making the ultimate bathroom  statement.  Meanwhile, inset deep baths are becoming increasingly stylish, and are perfect for small bathroom designs. 

bathroom renovation deep bath
WA Assett bathroom renovation | Floreat

Be it for one or two people, inset or freestanding, white or textured, the deep bath looks as though it’s here to stay.  

2. Plants, plants & more plants

Did we mention plants?  Think of any tropical day spa in the world, and the sweet fragrance of frangipani flowers and sound of swaying palms will no doubt come to mind. 

bathroom renovation with plants
WA Assett bathroom renovation | Merriwa

Nature has a unique way of soothing the soul, so introducing indoor plants (and a pop of green) to your bathroom decor is bound to be a powerful de-stressor that’s super affordable and extremely easy to achieve.  

There are plenty of suitable indoor plants for bathrooms, such as ferns or trailing ivy.  If gardening isn’t your jam, try opting for low-maintenance species, such as cacti.  Let your imagination run wild.

Plants can make a wonderful addition to any bathroom when trying to recreate that day spa vibe we all know and love – after all, plants love water and people love plants.  It’s a match that’s meant to be.

3. Stone basins

There’s something about the warm, neutral colour tones of a beautifully crafted stone basin that just makes us relax and be at peace with the world. 

stone basin bathroom renovation
WA Assett bathroom renovation | Salter Point

Whether it be freestanding or attached to the wall, a stone basin is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Available in a huge range of colours, styles and textures, they can evoke everything from simple country charm to next-level sophistication and contemporary living.  

Basin rims can be clean, thin and smooth or rustic, chunky and uneven to emulate the stone they were crafted from.  The choice is yours.

Add a soft, fluffy towel and a luxurious bar of your favourite soap, and you’ll be well on your way to giving your bathroom that real day spa vibe.

4. Shower for two

Surely the double shower has to be the ultimate in day spa (or even hotel) luxury.  As well as the practicality of not having to wait around for the bathroom to be free, a double shower can be the perfect romantic escape for busy couples.

Double showers generally come with two separate shower heads and have oodles of room to move about in.  Add to that two separate towel rails and shower ledges for accessories, and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re in a five-star hotel.

So if you’re looking to recreate a luxurious day spa at home that’s built just for deux, the double shower is an easy choice.

5. Keep it neutral

Creating the right mood for your day spa can be as simple as adding a few neutral features to your bathroom, such as muted timber panelling, warm lighting, or darker selections for your hardware.  

bathroom renovation
WA Assett bathroom renovation | Salter Point

“Think less colour, more textures,” suggests WA Assett bathroom expert, Lauren Ots.

“It isn’t about the colour, but the feel. Think matte finishes with movement in it.  A textured finish on a vanity, or perhaps a feature tile. The idea is to create a soothing space where you can be yourself.”

bathroom renovation patterned floor
WA Assett bathroom renovation | Mt Lawley

If you’re in Perth and would like to know more about how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious, private day spa oasis, talk to one of the team at WA Assett on 9473 1800, or get in touch today.