How Do You Choose The Right Vanity For Your Bathroom Renovation?

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double bathroom basins with orchids

Let’s face it, bathroom renovations can be a tricky business.

There are so many important aspects to consider when you’re seeking ideas for your bathroom renovation (for example: to bath or not to bath?). 

Things can also get expensive when it comes to the cost of renovating a bathroom so you want to make sure you get it right the first time around.   

And unless you’re Beyonce, all those features have to be neatly shoehorned into a fairly tight space, while still managing to look fabulous. 

The vanity unit is usually the centrepoint of any bathroom, and arguably the hardest-working fixture in the room.  So when you’re selecting a vanity, how do you choose one that’s exactly right for you?

The answer may be more simple than you think – try having it designed for you.  Whether it’s twin basins, extra storage space, or a refreshing new colour scheme, a custom vanity to suit your space will ensure you’re able to tick off everything on your wishlist.

What’s your style?

The first port of call when it comes to customising your own vanity unit is deciding what the style and layout will be like, such as how many basins you’d prefer, what kind of storage you’ll need and where to position it in the bathroom. 

modern mirror on black wall with lamps
WA Assett renovation in Banksia Grove

WA Assett renovation in Banksia Grove

Floating vanities are extremely popular nowadays as they provide additional floor space underneath for storing extra bits & bobs, such as bathroom scales, slippers or a rubbish bin. 

Floating vanities are not only practical, but are also less obtrusive and a fantastic way to open up the room (particularly if it’s on the smaller side).  

If it fits

Before venturing too far into the design of your vanity, it’s important to first work with the space that you have, whether you have a small bathroom or a big one.  And unless you’re knocking out interior walls to increase the size, we’re figuring that you probably have a fairly small bathroom.

If you have a long, narrow bathroom, then a galley-style horizontal vanity fitted against one wall might be the perfect choice. 

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WA Assett bathroom renovation in Warwick

However, if you have a little more space to play with, then a corner vanity complete with mirrors and a seated area to apply makeup might be more your speed.

No matter the bathroom size, a customised vanity unit is a great solution, ensuring it’s seamlessly incorporated into your bathroom renovation.

Make it colourful

These days, there’s a whole world of options to choose from when it comes to pulling together a colour scheme for your vanity.  

White-on-white is still a popular choice; however newer trends are moving towards warm, welcoming and natural tones. 

blue cupboards with white sinks above
WA Assett renovation in Merriwa

In other words, colour is a great way to inject some life and personality into your bathroom. Vanities can either be a colour or material, such as a timber look that can either be painted any colour you want, or varnished to let the natural beauty of wood shine through.  

Practical porcelain

The vanity sink is one of the most-used areas of the bathroom.  It’s where we clean our teeth, wash our face, shave, style our hair and apply makeup.  And that’s just the basics.  

So when you’re choosing a new vanity sink, it’s important to ask yourself whether or not it’s durable – because it’s definitely going to get a workout. 

Small bathroom renovation in Perth, round mirror and wood countertops
WA Assett Renovation in Padbury

If you’re looking for something that’s stain-resistant, waterproof, durable, scratch-proof, practical and easy to clean, then you can’t go past a porcelain top vanity. 

There’s a reason porcelain is the number one choice when it comes to bathroom vanities, and it comes in a huge selection of colours, designs and sizes.  

You can also find vanities in granite, quartz, natural stone, marble and stone, although they will require regular maintenance and treatment to keep them looking their best.

Fixtures – the final flourish

Now that you’ve selected a style, colour, layout and material for your bathroom vanity, it’s time to choose your final touches – the fixtures.  

There are so many tapware options on the market that you’re spoilt for choice – do you want a three piece tap set or an all-in-one mixer?  Do you want your tapware rounded for a more traditional look or modern, square and chunky? 

Then there are also the finishes to consider, such as silver chrome or gold, brushed nickel or pure black.

Let there be light

It’s also important to choose how you want your vanity to be lit, particularly if it’s being used for grooming and makeup. You’ll want to choose a lighting style that doesn’t have too much glare, but isn’t so dim that you’re a mere shadow in the mirror.  Mirror or ring lighting are both great options.

If you’re in Perth and are looking for professional designers to bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life, talk to one of the team at WA Assett on 9473 1800, or get in touch today.