The best of basins: Choosing your bathroom basin and vanity

Bathroom Transformations
Two vanities and rounded mirrors side-by-side in renovated bathroom

Your bathroom vanity and basin are one of the first things people see when they enter your bathroom. It’s a focal point of the space, that ties it all together. And it’s also a highly-used, functional part of your daily routine. 

So when renovating your bathroom, it’s important that you get the choice right. However, what’s “right” looks different for everyone.

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a basin and vanity for your small bathroom renovation in Perth.

Choosing your vanity

When it comes to choosing your vanity, there are some key things to think about.


Your vanity takes up a big part of your bathroom. So it’s important to get the size and space right.

Choose a vanity that suits your needs. It’s no good installing a small, slim-lined vanity that the whole family is going to use. Choose an option with plenty of space, allowing you to perform your daily routines in comfort.


What do you actually do at your bathroom vanity? If it’s just a matter of washing hands, maybe brushing teeth, then you can easily get away with a smaller vanity. 

But if you prefer to have space to work, to do hair and makeup, shave, and more, consider a vanity or two, or perhaps you would just prefer more bench space. It doesn’t have to be much, but enough to ensure you can lay down your tools to work when you need to.


And with this in mind, it needs to have the right amount of storage for you, and your family. It’s a good idea to choose a vanity that has more storage space than you need. This allows it to grow with you, as your needs and routine changes. Prioritise functionality by ensuring it has the necessary drawers and shelves for storage—not just a big, empty space that will get cluttered.

Adjusting to the future

Your bathroom will ideally stand the test of time. So choose a high-quality vanity made from durable materials so it can withstand daily wear and tear.

To make it timeless, opt for a simple, clean design that can adapt to changing styles and preferences over time, minimising the need for future replacements.

And as we all know, looking into the future also means dealing with ageing. So if this is part of the plan for your bathroom, select a vanity with accessibility features such as easy-to-reach storage, and options for adding grab bars in the future. Consider mirror cabinets for easy access to everyday items. These can hide away charging items such as razors and electric toothbrushes, keeping your bench clear of clutter and cords, as well as being more ergonomic.

Choosing your basin

Choosing the right basin can enhance how you use your bathroom. It’s important to choose one that not only suits your space, but adds space, too, and matches the aesthetics of your bathroom.

There are some important things to look for when choosing a basin.


Your basin doesn’t actually have to take up your available space. They need to be functional, and regular-sized basins can actually make your benchtops feel cramped.

Consider a smaller basin, or choose something sleeker and slim-lined for a cleaner look.

A semi-inset basin sits recessed into your vanity, partially exposed and partially hidden, and delivers a sleeker look. It takes up less room on your bench, providing more usable room. 

Looking to make your bathroom feel more spacious? You could even opt for a wall-hung basin, completely separated from your vanity. Mounted to your bathroom wall, it features a basin and nothing more. This can be combined with a wall cabinet, or even a tall boy for storage. It’s an eye-catching design that creates more room around it, and more space in your bathroom to move.


We can’t decide your aesthetic for you. But we can recommend the colour that’s going to best suit your vision. 

Choosing the right colour basin can make all the difference. Whether it’s a classic, calming white, a bold black look, or a luxe textured granite look for an above-counter basin. There are many options to choose from, so it’s a good idea to get professional help deciding on which will suit your style.


Bathrooms by their very nature get dirty, so when choosing the basin you want, consider how you’re going to keep it clean.

Each basin style has its own pros and cons to keep in mind. An above-counter basin, for example, might look stylish, but they’re harder to clean as you have to get around and under the basin. Whereas an under-mount basin, while limiting your vanity storage, provides an easier cleaning space—simply wipe everything into the basin and wash it away.


Tapware plays a big part in your basin and vanity look. But really think about it before you make your choice.

You might have your heart set on a particular style, like an industrial wall-mounted tap. While it can be visually appealing, be cautious when pairing it with an above-counter basin. This configuration often leaves dead space behind the basin. Additionally, consider potential issues with wet hands dripping behind above-counter basins, whether they are wall or bench-mounted. To mitigate this, offsetting the mixer to the basin or considering depth adjustments can be beneficial.

So consider the configuration of your tapware in relation to your basin, as well as the aesthetic.

Existing plumbing

It’s not the most exciting thing to think about, but your existing plumbing can play a big part in the basin and vanity you choose.

Get help choosing the right bathroom and vanity for your small bathroom in Perth

There may seem like a lot to think about. But really, it comes down to five simple things: size, space, aesthetic, functionality, and cost.

  • How much space do you want in your bathroom?
  • How do you want the space to look and feel?
  • How do you like to use it?
  • And what are you considering spending on your small bathroom renovation?

WA Assett can help you with these considerations to ensure you get a new bathroom that will stand the test of time.
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