The Biggest Bathroom Design Trends To Follow In 2022

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blue and white bathroom with large shower and plants

Tranquility, purity, and luxury. These are the key bathroom trends we’ll be seeing in 2022, and it’s quite fitting after the last few years of worrying and waiting for the pandemic to come to an end.

Whether it’s bringing more of the outside in with ornamental plants or playing with mood lighting, colour, and textures, today’s young homeowners desire spaces that bring them a deeper sense of wellbeing through touch, scent, and sight.

Here are some of the top bathroom design trends you can swipe to make your bathroom a self-care sanctuary:

1. Ornamental tile shapes and organic materials

Bored of straight lines and standardised designs, today’s homeowners are yearning for a bit more visual excitement with colourful, ornamental bathroom tiling.

From classic Moroccan tiles to pretty mermaid tiles and chevron-patterned wall tiling, incorporating an accent wall behind your bathroom’s vanity or tub is a striking way to lift your bathroom’s visual appeal.

Complementing this trend is the increased use of organic materials, such as wooden cabinets, stone look tiles, and a whole lot more indoor plants – if you can’t travel to your favourite tropical resort, bring the resort vibes into your own bathroom!

2. Earthy tones and muted colour schemes (with lots of plants!)

While an all-white bathroom certainly does look neat and clean, warmer colours might be the better choice for you.

In 2022, try warming up your bathroom and making things a little more interesting with earthy tones and muted pops of colour. Watery blues, olive green, and soft pinks are currently the go-to colours to create an atmosphere of serenity.

3. Walk-in showers for space and accessibility

Walk-in showers open up more space in the bathroom, are better for accessibility, easy to clean, and create a more luxurious feel all around. Walk-in showers with seats and hand-held shower heads are a much safer alternative to the traditional shower and bath.

Not only are they better for people with disabilities, these showers are more convenient all-around and also allow the bathroom to feel more spacious and navigable.

4. Compact storage and multi-purpose spaces

Rising property prices and shifts in our post-COVID lifestyle have changed the way that we think about space. Younger homeowners want multi-functional spaces that allow them to eat, sleep, rejuvenate, and repeat in closer and more convenient quarters.

To free up more room and accommodate a work-from-home lifestyle, opting for an ensuite bathroom and utilising hidden storage solutions, such as finger pull cabinets and drawers, are great ways to maximise space for smaller homes.

5. Vanities, mood lighting and feature basins

In 2022, we’ll see more homeowners make their vanities and basins a feature in their bathroom with bold designs.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated vanity with a glossy white finish, a bold vanity with a black finish or even a natural wood finish, strong vanities and basins can be excellent feature pieces that take your bathroom to the next level.

One rising trend is ribbed cabinetry, which looks beautiful in glass, wood, or moisture-resistant thermolaminate.

Ribbed cabinets add texture and contrast in an otherwise minimalist bathroom, so if your budget doesn’t allow for many other decorative elements, opting for this style of cabinetry will add more interest to your vanity and bathroom’s overall look.

When it comes to lighting, we expect to see warm, but functional, mood lighting in 2022 to transform your bathroom into an oasis.

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