Budget Bathroom Renovation in Perth

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That’s where WA Assett – The Bathroom Renovators can make a world of difference! At WA Assett we design and renovate bathrooms for any budget as we are the budget bathroom renovations specialist in Perth.

If you are in desperate need of a bathroom renovation, there is no need to put it off because you don’t have a large budget. When done smartly a budget bathroom renovation can add more value to your home than what it cost to renovate.

Not spending an excessive amount of money doesn’t mean the room has to have low-quality fixtures or lack style.  It’s simply a case of spending where it matters and saving where you can. So how can you ensure your bathroom renovation still looks amazing while staying within your budget?

Here are our tips for a budget bathroom renovation

Create a budget & stick to it

It may be obvious, but the first tool in keeping to a budget bathroom renovation is to create the budget and stick to it. This will require an amount of planning. With a renovation budget to stick to, variations that arise along the way can always be compared against a projected cost.

Then you can decide whether any extra costs are an efficient use of available time and money. To avoid changing plans mid-project, spending time upfront creating a direct, realistic picture of what you’re looking to accomplish with your renovation. If you plan carefully, you shouldn’t run into too many unexpected costs when remodelling.

Keep your current plumbing

To manage the cost of remodelling your bathroom, it’s best to keep any existing plumbing where it is. Relocating your bath, sink, and shower potentially could use your whole bathroom budget before you’ve even started. The current layout of your bathroom is generally not an issue and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Sticking to a budget bathroom renovation means you should focus your time and money on details like the fittings and fixtures instead. 

Consider a single feature wall

Investing in a single feature wall can pack an aesthetic punch and make a great first impression. This can help reduce the cost to renovate your bathroom.

Also called accent walls, they offer a quick and easy way to freshen up the space, and depending on what material you choose, they can be very low cost. Even if you want to allocate some of your budget to an upmarket tile for this area, the tiles can be used sparingly, so a single feature wall can still be a cost-effective option. 

Work with bathroom renovation experts

Trying to renovate a bathroom yourself, with no experience, is likely to increase the cost of renovating your bathroom in the long run.

A bathroom remodel is the most nerve-wracking of any renovation, especially if it is the only bathroom in your home. You have plumbing and electrical changes and structural changes that really shouldn’t be attempted by someone who is not a profession. And on the same note, it’s not wise to pick the cheapest contractor. Lots of people will advertise to get your business, but they may not be right for the job. Only work with experts with extensive experience in budget bathroom renovations.

Work with the team at WA Assett

That’s where we can make a world of difference.

At WA Assett we design and renovate bathrooms for any budget as we are the budget bathroom renovations specialists in Perth. We offer value for money with competitively priced projects and carry out free no-obligation in-home design consultations & quotations. Our talented bathroom design consultants will show you how to save on expense, without sacrificing style, ensuring a low cost and high-quality solution within your bathroom renovations budget.

After each in-home consultation, our design consultants produce an estimate for your Perth bathroom renovation which is inclusive of all known costs, so there are no surprises after the renovation has begun. We are a team of professional and licensed tradesmen and we aim to give our customers the best possible budgeted bathroom renovations with no hassles, no delays, and no hidden extra costs!

Here at WA Assett, we are committed to ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction with communication with us. Providing impeccably high-quality levels of workmanship, our Award Winning bathroom team is vastly experienced in all styles of bathroom remodelling and we guarantee our work. When working with our team, you can be assured your renovation will be the absolute best quality and value-for-money bathroom for your budget. Get a free quote today!