Upcoming bathroom design trends for 2024

Design Trends
A monochrome bathroom renovated by WA Assett

As 2024 gains momentum, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the bathroom renovation project that you have been planning for a while.

In 2023, we’re proud to have created and redesigned a lot of different bathrooms at WA Assett. We saw a lot of different styles come into play, and executed many of them ourselves.

And with this, we saw some glimmers of new trends begin to emerge.

These are our predictions for popular bathroom renovation ideas in 2024.

Simplistic and minimalistic will remain timeless

The good old classic monochrome look is still popular among our clients, and we don’t expect it to go anywhere any time soon.

Monochrome bathroom with black and white vanity and spacious shower

After all, there’s something timeless about a simple, minimalistic bathroom. With clean lines, crisp white cabinetry and benchtops, and simple fixtures that neither draw the eye nor detract from the space, it allows for uncluttered designs that prioritise functionality, without losing any style.

There are some big benefits to a monochrome bathroom theme, which drive its popularity.

The simple monochrome palette makes things look and feel cleaner. It imparts a feeling of spaciousness, helping your bathroom to feel larger and airier.

It’s versatile, too, meaning you can make changes to the decor without needing any other major overhauls.

More texture

Following on from our 2023 trend of maximalist decor and organic shapes, we predict that in 2024 more people will start to include textures in their bathroom renovation ideas.

Patterned tiles add a particularly tactile level of texture to any bathroom renovation. You can use as many or as few as you need, from covering your entire bathroom, to a feature wall, or even feature tiles to draw the eye to specific spaces around your bathroom.

And not just your walls. Patterned floor tiles underfoot deliver a unique sensory experience that elevates your everyday bathroom routine.

Vinyl wraps are a way to add texture and create depth without having to invest in tiling. This option opens you up to a wider variety of styles and colours, letting your imagination truly run wild.

Consider textured paints. Textured painting styles, like limewash—water mixed with finely crushed limestone and thinned to create a paint that adds subtle texture to your walls—allow you to create a beautiful weathered look that takes a break from smooth white walls. Choose your colour, then slowly build it up over multiple coats.

Or really turn heads with a statement mirror. Big and bold, or small and sleek, statement mirrors draw the eye, helping to add texture through the style, shape, and size.

Opting for large format tiles

Large format tiles don’t necessarily grab attention; instead, they create a subtle difference in the feeling of your bathroom without being able to immediately put your finger on why.

The standard for large format tiles is generally 300x600mm; we generally discourage anything bigger as they’re unable to achieve sufficient fall to the drains, and may also attract significant extra costs due to certain requirements.

However, large format tiles can make your space feel grander and more majestic, and visually expand the boundaries of a bathroom by minimising the number of grout lines. This creates a seamless and uninterrupted surface, tricking the eye into perceiving a more extensive area.

Golden showerhead in spacious shower with patterned tiles

This is particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium.

And with fewer grout lines, it makes them easier to clean—a huge bonus for busy households.

In terms of looks, large format tiles deliver a fresh, modern look to your bathroom. And coupled with the right textural choice, you can get a luxurious spa feel in your new bathroom.

We’ll see people stepping away from the bath

While it’s a beautiful idea to have a bath that you can fill up, drop a bath bomb into, and have a good long soak, in reality, how often do you really take a bath?

We’ve seen more and more people step away from their baths in recent years, opting for a larger shower space instead, and we expect to see this gain momentum in 2024.

Large bathroom with a spacious shower, wooden tones, and brown slate tiles

We all know that baths are a headache to clean, and to keep clean. But they also create a surplus of dead space that you can’t do anything with.

Thanks to their size and the way they draw the eye, bathtubs have the uncanny ability to age a bathroom immediately. Contrastingly, a shower uses clean, sleek lines that blend in with your bathroom’s design.

If you’re thinking environmentally too, a shower uses far less water than a bath. And with more and more households doing their part to reduce their impact, this is a key driving factor in getting rid of bathtubs.

But it’s not just about water conservation. With the ever-ageing population, it’s important that bathrooms are ‘future-proof’ – which means that baths are becoming less and less popular.

Discuss your bathroom renovation ideas with WA’s experts

From clean, crisp simplicity, to textured decadence; the incorporation of luxe large-format tiles, and the untethering from bathtubs, we’re excited to see where 2024 takes us.

But it’s not about setting styles or selling aesthetics. These are simply our predictions.

At the end of the day, the bathroom style that’s right for your space is the one that you love.

So in 2024, let’s see what we can create together. Get in touch with us or call us on (08) 9473 1800 to book your free estimate.