Good, fast & cheap: Why your bathroom renovation can’t be all three

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When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, we know it can be enticing to try and do it for as little or as fast as possible.

But if you’re thinking about achieving a good quality bathroom renovation, these terms shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.

Despite what renovation TV shows may show us, good, fast, and cheap is a combination that will set you up for disaster.

The illusion of a cheap bathroom renovation cost

Achieving a bathroom renovation that’s good quality, fast, for a cheap price is impossible. It’s harsh, but it’s true. Each differentiating factor comes with its own pros and cons—and where one benefits, the others usually suffer.

You can certainly expect a bathroom renovation to be completed efficiently; you can expect no time-wasting, optimising the use of staff on site, and a thorough plan created at the outset. But efficiently and quickly aren’t the same thing.

For example, a complete bathroom renovation completed within a few weeks isn’t achievable. This leads to cutting corners and rushing the job. And if you choose a reputable supplier, a ‘fast’ renovation may not even be possible. Good quality, trusted bathroom renovation companies will generally be booked out 4 weeks or more in advance.

Cost is another thing. While you can get good-quality products for less—and you certainly don’t need to opt for the most expensive brands—penny-pinching your bathroom renovation is a recipe for failure. Trying to cut costs wherever you can leaves you with low-quality products, materials, or workmanship.

A good bathroom renovation takes time. You want to make sure you invest in quality products, and ensure your team has the space and time they need to get your bathroom renovation 100% right.

Prioritise your bathroom renovation goals

Rather than rushing things, take the time to plan out your goals. Start by determining what’s most important to you.

Do you need it done now? Then you’re going to need to push on despite the cost. Rushing leads to taking shortcuts—which in our experience cause potential issues at a later date—or oversights, which can end up causing more problems in the future.

But if you can’t afford it now—and honestly, if it can wait—consider holding off and having it done later down the track.

You’ll have time to save more money, which gives you more time to book in a quality renovation team, and ensure you have optimal planning and lead time to ensure things go off without a hitch.

Quality and bathroom renovation cost are inextricably linked

We’re not saying you need to invest in the absolute top-of-the-range, state-of-the-art products and materials every single time. But investing in the right materials gives you peace of mind that your new bathroom renovation will last longer.

And by waiting to engage the right skilled labour, you’re ensured of a better quality finish, with better workmanship that stands up to the rigours of everyday bathroom use—and doesn’t see you needing repairs within months (or even weeks) for a dodgy job.

Consider what trade-offs can mean

We understand that sometimes you just want to push ahead with your bathroom renovation. So while speed, cost, and quality are all important to you, it’s important to also understand what the trade-offs are and what you have to sacrifice to get what you want.

At WA Assett, we undertake a comprehensive process that ensures you get a high-quality bathroom renovation. One that’s well planned out, and utilises the best quality products for your purposes.

We start with an initial on-site consultation, which ensures that we understand the space we’re working with. This helps us identify any restrictions that may impact your vision, so we can help you understand exactly what we’re planning to help you achieve your goal.

At each step of our process, we never rush things. We work carefully and methodically, maintaining the highest standard of work, using materials that fit within your budget but still deliver a premium look.

Our goal is to give you a well-planned renovation, without ever forsaking quality.

WA Assett will help you get the bathroom renovation you deserve

When it comes to bathroom renovations, forget what you’ve heard about good, fast, and cheap. Instead, go into it with a quality mindset, and reprioritise your bathroom renovation based on that instead.

While it may take a little longer, the end result will be far superior to a cheap, quickly-done bathroom renovation.

By investing in good quality products, through a reputable team like WA Assett, it’s going to deliver a better look, with workmanship and a finish that lasts much, much longer.

Essentially, it’s an investment in your future.

Contact our team today to book your free bathroom renovation estimate.