Bathroom renovation ideas to create a warmer bathroom for winter 2023 and beyond

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A bathroom with black finishings

With the mercury well and truly dropping, and clear skies bringing chilly mornings, winter is well and truly here.

When looking to stay warmer over the colder months, one solution people often overlook is in upgrading their bathroom.

But consider it: you walk in your bathroom to take a shower first thing in the morning. It’s one of the last rooms you visit before going to bed at night. It’s not pleasant to be met with frosty air, and ice-cold water. So it makes sense to protect your bathroom against the winter elements, too.

To help you achieve this, here are our top tips to keep your bathroom warm and dry this winter.

Simple swaps

Humans rely on our senses. But did you know that there are ways to trick your senses into feeling warmer?

One simple swap is by changing out your summer towels, bath mat, and hand towel with thicker, fluffier winter towels. By making your bathroom look warmer, it’s actually going to feel warmer going in.

Smell also plays a big part in this. A simple scented candle or diffuser can give your bathroom a warm, inviting smell that helps warm you up from the inside out.

We’re simple creatures, and these little swaps can go a long way.

You can also choose to install a dehumidifier in your bathroom. This solution helps out your overworked exhaust fan by capturing the warm, moist air lingering around your space in between use, and keeps your bathroom dryer. After all, nobody likes stepping into a cold, damp bathroom.

Go bigger with these bathroom renovation ideas

Install a combination exhaust fan and heat lamp

There are some amazing new heater options for bathrooms these days.

You can help keep your bathroom dryer while upping the warmth— and saving on your power bill—by installing a combination heat lamp/exhaust fan unit. These can work by blowing warm air into your bathroom on demand, while also extracting the moist air from the room.

And when partnered with a new set of lights, you’ve got a fabulous all-round solution to warm your space, while combatting mould growth at the same time.

Change out your towel rails

There’s nothing better in winter than stepping out of a shower and into a warm towel.

Heated towel rails are the best way to achieve this. They provide hotel-style luxury in your own home, while also helping to prevent the build-up of bacteria on your towels.

towel rail next to mounted mirror and sink

WA Assett Bathroom: Duncraig

Available in both an electric and fluid-filled option, both provide you with gentle warming that also keeps your bathroom warmer, too. You can choose from horizontal or vertical styles—the vertical range offering a better choice for smaller spaces.

But we know this isn’t always a cost-effective option. So if you’re looking for more budget-friendly bathroom renovation ideas, try this instead: just relocate your towel racks. Move them away from draughty places like the door, or near the window, and position them closer to the shower so they receive more of its radiant heat.

Upgrade your flooring

Have you ever noticed that your bathroom feels colder than other parts of your home? This could be due to cracks in your tiles, or underneath your windows, that are letting in draughts, or drawing up the cold from your slab.

While it should not be a solution on its own (as partial bathroom renovations tend to cause more problems than they fix), retiling your bathroom can go a long way to keeping the cold out. It can also help to stop mould growth, with fresh new grout delivering a brighter look at the same time.

For those in colder parts of the state, underfloor heating is a great option to include in upcoming bathroom renovations. However, be aware that it does take time to warm up, so be sure to install a timer to control your warmth. This allows you to set the temperature, and provide you with a warm, inviting bathroom floor first thing in the morning.

A large bathroom with underfloor heating and towel rails, spacious shower

WA Assett Bathroom: Dalkeith

There are various types of underfloor heating you can choose, so be sure to get advice on the system that works best for your space. If you plan your full bathroom renovation with WA Assett, we will provide you with our recommendations and the best choices for your flooring and underfloor heating.

Talk to Perth’s bathroom renovations experts

Winter-proofing your bathroom means something different to everyone.

For some, it’s ensuring your bathroom always stays warm and cosy. For others, it’s undertaking preventative maintenance to ensure your bathroom is secure against the excess moisture from longer, hotter showers.

While you can undertake a few simple swaps yourself, it’s best to leave the larger renovations to the experts – and don’t just make “small fixes” (which often cause more problems than they’re worth), but make sure your whole bathroom is ready for winter.

However you decide to get your bathroom ready for the winter, the choices you make should be long-lasting changes that set you up for a warmer, more comfortable future. So get in touch with the team at WA Assett today to speak to an expert, and get an estimate for a bathroom renovation that will be timeless.