How long will my bathroom renovation take?

Bathroom Transformations
An all-white bathroom renovation with a white vanity and cabinetry

Before you commit to getting a bathroom renovation, it’s important to find out how long your project is expected to take so that you can prepare to adjust your schedule and living arrangements for that period.

The time a project can take can vary a lot depending on your vision and requirements: small bathroom renovations will obviously be slightly quicker to complete than more complex projects.

To give you a better idea of timelines, let’s take a closer look at the renovation process and why each step may take a little more or less time.

What is the bathroom renovation process?

1. Planning and design

Estimated time required: A few days – weeks

To start, one of our design consultants will visit your home to discuss your goals for your renovation and assess your bathroom’s current layout and space.

After taking some notes and measurements of the room, we will go away and prepare an estimate of how much you will need to spend to create your desired bathroom design. 
If you’re happy with the estimate, your design consultant will then work with you on some bathroom design ideas.

While we recommend spending the time you need to think about your likes, dislikes, current and future bathroom needs, you can speed up this process by gathering inspiration early on.

Whether it’s looking at Instagram, Pinterest, or magazines and websites like Houzz, try creating your own little moodboard of pictures and clippings that capture the essence of your dream bathroom.

Armed with this information, your consultant will be able to create a design that reflects your vision and simplify decision-making around the fixtures, fittings, and other aesthetic elements of your bathroom.

Once you’re satisfied with the pricing, layout, and design, then our team of bathroom renovators can start getting their hands dirty!

2. Strip out

Estimated time required: 1 day

The next step is readying your bathroom for the works and new installations required, also called a ‘strip out’. This involves demolishing and removing current fixtures and fittings like your shower, toilet, bath tub, tiling, or cabinets.

3. Plumbing and electrical work

Estimated time required: A few days to 1 week

The work required in this step will depend on how much your bathroom layout is changing, for example, if a toilet or powerpoint is being relocated. 

The plumber and electrician may work at the same time to temporarily disconnect water, gas, and electricity while necessary works are completed. In the meantime, WA Assett can provide you with a complimentary mobile bathroom, if required.

4. Waterproofing and tiling

Estimated time required: 1 – 2 weeks

To prepare your bathroom floor and walls to be refreshed, the next step is to waterproof all surfaces which are susceptible to water damage. 

Once this has been applied, you’ll usually need to wait around five days for it to ‘cure’ before your bathroom tiling and grouting is completed. All up, this step will take around a week’s time.

5. Installation of fixtures and fittings and plumbing reconnection

Estimated time required: Up to 1 week

New fixtures and fittings such as your shower, toilet suite, or vanity are now ready to be installed and reconnected to your water, gas, and electricity.

6. Final touches

Estimated time required: Up to 1 week

If your new bathroom design requires painting, cabinetry, custom mirrors, a new shower screen, or other cosmetic finishes, these will be ready to add or completed near the end of the project.

Again, depending on what’s changing in your bathroom, there may be more or less steps that occur in a slightly different order than what is stated here.

Whatever unique steps are required for your renovation, our project manager will keep you updated on every stage as we go along.

Talk to the bathroom renovation experts in Perth

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