The Top Things To Consider In Disability-Friendly Bathroom Designs

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Do you require designs in your home bathroom or commercial building bathroom that can help those who may be physically disabled?

A long-term impairment, ageing, sudden illness or injury can make a bathroom renovation to a disability-friendly bathroom design a necessity. Using a bathroom is difficult enough for a disabled or ageing person, so smart bathroom design is necessary to improve both functionality and comfort. Although most bathroom remodels should be left to the professionals, it’s even more important to use an experienced bathroom renovator as they will be more equipped to understand the specific needs of creating a disabled-friendly space. 

Over 4.4 million people in Australia have some form of disability. That’s 1 in 5 people who require an accessible and safe disabled bathroom renovation. If you are looking at transforming your current space into a disabled-friendly bathroom design, these are the top considerations;

Considerations For A Disabled-Friendly Bathroom;

You’ll Need Plenty Of Room

A spacious layout is one of the most crucial parts of the renovation. When it comes to a wheelchair friendly bathroom, you’ll need plenty of space for access and manoeuvring. You’ll need an open area that’s at least 1-2 metre wide for ease of turning. You’ll also need plenty of clear space in front of the sink and each fixture, as well as room for a caregiver if necessary. 

Safety Railing’s Need To Be Installed Correctly 

Whilst safety railings and grip bars are inexpensive to buy, they greatly improve the safety of someone with limited mobility, if installed correctly. For the shower, handrails are necessary to help injured, disabled or elderly people to safely enter or access. For bath access, install safety rails at sitting and standing height at the point of exit and entry.

Style Still Counts

Just because you’re creating a safe and practical space, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be modern and stylish too. Bathrooms are one of our most frequently used rooms in our homes. You want your experience there to be pleasant. A stylish or designer bathroom doesn’t just offer aesthetic appeal or durability, a careful selection of materials, storage, flooring and wall finishes can help you keep it clean and easier to look after. This is even more important for a disabled-friendly bathroom space. 

Use Experienced Disabled-Friendly Bathroom Renovators 

Do you require designs in your home bathroom or commercial building bathroom that can help those who may be physically disabled? Accessible Bathrooms In Perth are our specialty and we go above and beyond to ensure the design we create is perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether you need a completely new disabled bathroom design or simply want to upgrade the style with our accessible bathroom renovations, we can help.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to provide a quality service. From the very first bathroom design consultation to the completion of the disabled-friendly bathroom project, we ensure a professional, on-time service that fits within your budget. As well as providing the optimum safety to your residents or guests, we create a bathroom that is stylish and compliments the rest of your property. To get an indication of the great results you can expect from our team, please view our portfolio or visit our showroom.

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