The Most Stylish Accessible Bathroom Designs

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Stylish Accessible small Bathroom

An accessible bathroom can make your life easier. It should be modified to suit your specific needs and might include a shower seat, rails, plus a sink and toilet that can accommodate a wheelchair. Just because you choose an accessible bathroom design, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish!

Here are some of our favourite and most stylish accessible bathrooms that will give you inspiration for any planned renovations:

The TV-worthy stylish accessible bathroom

If you caught the Channel 9 television series “Matt and Kim to the Rescue”, you may have seen their home renovation. This bathroom was designed for the Wilson family, and needed to be 100% wheelchair accessible..

While it has a number of safety features and extra space, it is still a modern and stylish room. White and grey gives this space a clean, fresh finish to ensure every member of the family can enjoy the relaxed wash space.

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The obstacle-free shower

Showering can be difficult for those with mobility issues, but an accessible bathroom renovation can help you maintain your independence. Grab bars can make the area safer, as slippery surfaces can increase the risk of falls.

Removing any obstacles such as steps or ledges will make entering and exiting the shower much easier. This beautiful bathroom is brightly lit and features an oversized shower, fitted with a range of grab bars:

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The seated shower

For those who are unable to stand, a shower seat will be an essential addition to your accessible bathroom design. This shower has an inbuilt ledge to sit, that complements the modern look of the room. Dark greys and a light floor makes this a timeless colour scheme. The shower is walk-in and there are no obstacles for those with mobility concerns. The cut-out shelving is at a suitable height for sitting:

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The extra large stylish accessible bathrooms

Open space can make a big difference when it comes to accessibility. If you have the room you can renovate your bathroom in a way that gives you a wide walkway. This bathroom design is sleek and modern. It has a subtle rail for the toilet, and a shower with easy entry.  The simple shades and minimal accessories maximise the room for movement. This is an accessible bathroom design for the whole family:

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The bright bathroom

If you want to add a splash of colour you might find inspiration in this unique bathroom design. Lime green tiles adorn the walls, while the floor is a muted beige. With a splash of black the bathroom has a retro feel to it. This has a range of accessories including bath grab rails, an accessible toilet, and adjustable shower. There is even a chair under the basin, which will help those with mobility issues do their daily grooming without fear of slipping. 

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Bathroom renovations to suit your needs

At WA Assett, we can renovate your bathroom to suit your unique needs. Whether it is an accessible bathroom, small space, or modern makeover, we know that you will love the final results. Book a consult with us today!