Four Easy-To-Clean Bathroom Design Ideas

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Two vanities and rounded mirrors side-by-side in renovated bathroom

When designing your bathroom, you want to know that it’s not going to be a nightmare to clean.

While a certain design may look great, it could very quickly become coated in dust, or worse, encourage mould growth if it’s particularly hard to keep clean on a regular basis.

All of WA Assett’s bathroom designs are created with convenience, spaciousness, and ease of use in mind. Through our years of experience as bathroom designers in Perth, we’ve rounded up some of the easiest types of vanities, toilets, baths, and showers to clean.

1. Wall-hung vanities

Two vanities and rounded mirrors side-by-side in renovated bathroom
WA Assett Bathroom Renovation in Hammond Park

Wall-hanging vanities ensure that the floor is as free as possible, so you can easily vacuum and mop the whole floor instead of painstakingly trying to get in and around things.

Coupled with some storage cupboards or deep drawers, you can keep all your toiletries packed away and neatly organised so that the countertop is clutter-free and easily cleaned with a quick spray and wipe.

Some smaller details to consider in your vanity is the basin and tapware. Opting for a recessed basin will eliminate any gaps where dirt and grime can build up, and wall-mounted tapware prevents any water being splashed on top of it while it’s in use.

2. Rimless back-to-the-wall toilets

A rimless toilet has a special flushing mechanism that doesn’t require an inner rim to flush water around the toilet bowl. This type of toilet saves more on water and is much easier to clean and maintain than a standard toilet suite.

Back-to-the-wall toilets might be a bit more expensive, but they are more aesthetically pleasing, water efficient, and can save space in your bathroom.

These toilets are much easier to clean  and minimalist by design, so you can save more time on maintenance while giving your bathroom’s style an upgrade.

3. Choose tiled walls for a quicker and easier clean

Toilet as part of Thornlie renovation
WA Assett Bathroom Renovation In Thornlie

Painted or wallpapered walls get dirtier faster and aren’t as suited to the constant cleaning regime that is required in a steamy bathroom. 

You also need to take special care when cleaning these types of walls, as you don’t want to accidentally strip or stain them further with harsh bathroom cleaning products.

To avoid ruining your bathroom’s walls and save time on cleaning, go for tiled walls using larger-sized tiles which minimise the amount of grout lines you need to scrub.

When it comes to vanity tops, you might want to consider a moulded basin top; they’re simple, affordable and easy to clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water will do the job to clean these vanities, and they can also handle any non-abrasive domestic cleaners.

4. Use a handheld shower head for your shower / bath

Large grey & white shower and shower head in bathroom
WA Assett Bathroom Renovation In South Guildford

Over time, your shower head will develop an unsightly buildup of minerals that can restrict the water flow and pressure of your shower. To prevent this from happening, and to make general cleaning a lot easier, we recommend investing in a good quality, handheld shower head that resists mineral buildup.

The other great thing about a hand shower is that it can be used to clean itself! Instead of carting in buckets of water to mop and scrub your shower, you can just turn on your hand shower to wash everything down as you go.

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