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wa bathrooms

Lend Me Finance

Do you have a home you love, but find you want to make changes to it? For many, the bathroom no longer meets your family’s needs or it is time to remodel your bathroom in one or more ways. If you fall into either category, it’s time for a change. Finding the money to make the renovations can be an issue, however, this is where we come in.

Homeowners may delay in making renovations due to a lack of funds, yet a 0.25 percent rate reduction on a $400,000 home loan could pay for the new bathroom renovations over the life of the loan. So we’ve partnered with Lend Me Finance, a fully mobile Perth-based mortgage broker. Lend Me will work hard to find a home loan refinance option that will save you money, money you can use for the bathroom you love.

You don’t need to wait around any longer to make the desired changes to ensure your home is everything you want and more.

With the aid of Lend Me Finance, you can avoid putting the renovations on your credit card. Home loans tend to come with lower rates, allowing you to save even more on your home improvement projects. The key to a successful project lies in finding the right solution for each individual client. Everyone has different budget constraints, home renovation projects they wish to complete, goals and objectives, and more. We take this into account as we work with you to design and finance your bathroom makeover.

You have the option of going to your bank, but over 51 percent of home loans in Australia are done by a broker*. There’s an easy explanation for this, more options. Lend Me offers access to more than 30 lenders and will come visit you at the WA Assett showroom or in the your home to discuss finance options, making the entire process as easy as possible. Contact Lend Me today at 6234 6400 for more information and to begin the process of financing your new bathroom renovation.

These examples are actual client cases that had specific situations and needs, our responsible lending process will apply in all cases. See our credit guide for further detail http://www.lendme.com.au/documents/credit.pdf. *2015, ‘Brokers driving mortgage growth continues to increase revealed in March 2015 quarterly data’, MFAA News, viewed 25 June 2015, https://www.mfaa.com.au/news/pages/bror-share-march-2015-quarter.aspx/. Lending Conditions Apply. Lend Me is the registered trading name of SDBD Pty Ltd. Australian Credit Licence number 454556.