How To Maximise Space In A Small Bathroom

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A wooden cupboard installed above a vanity sink

Got a small bathroom that's becoming too much of a tight squeeze?

There’s many clever ways you can renovate your bathroom to maximise space and allow for better storage of all your toiletries. At WA Assett, we’re experts at designing bathrooms that are both beautiful and practical for our clients, and small bathroom renovations are one of our specialties.

From a refurbished vanity to handy storage accessories, here’s five simple renovation ideas to make the most of your bathroom’s limited space.

1. Give your vanity a makeover

A vanity is the centrepiece of any bathroom, but it can get messy and cluttered if it’s been poorly designed and doesn’t integrate well with the rest of your space.

There are two main vanity types you can install in your bathroom: 

  • Wall-hung or ‘floating’ vanity. A favourite choice amongst our clients, a floating vanity is mounted to the wall so that it ‘floats’ above the floor, creating the illusion of more floor space. If you’re going for a more modern, sleek look, this may be the one for you.
  • Floor-standing vanity. This is mounted to the bathroom floor and is a slightly cheaper option than a wall-hung vanity. While the room won’t look as spacious, these units tend to offer slightly more storage space.

Depending on your bathroom and current needs, there’s a few tricks you can use with each to create a greater sense of space and organisation.

The first port of call when it comes to customising your own vanity unit is deciding what the style and layout will be like, such as how many basins you’d prefer, what kind of storage you’ll need and where to position it in the bathroom. 

Narrow bathroom with twin vanities and large shower
WA Assett Renovation in Wandi

First, consider the placement of your vanity. Is it better placed in the centre of the bathroom, or could it be installed in the corner to free up any awkward, unused spaces? You could also take advantage of some vertical space by mounting some storage shelves on the walls of the same corner or obtaining extra storage with a tall boy.

Next, think about the type of storage spaces you need. When it comes to arranging your bathroom supplies, you should consider which items you use the most and need in easy reach and how many people in your household use the bathroom.

For example, you may like to opt for wide and deep drawers to hide away bulky items like hair styling equipment and extra shampoo bottles. Perhaps you’d prefer an open unit with no cabinet doors, so that you can easily reach for towels or add your own storage baskets and decor.

Don’t forget your mirror, either! For extra storage space, you can convert your bathroom mirror into a medicine cabinet, and even add some extra lighting to boot.

2. Make use of behind-the-door spaces with robe hooks and shelving

Add some strategically-placed hooks on the inside of your cabinets, doors and on your walls to hang up frequently-used items like towels, hair dryers, or even wire racks for extra storage.

Bathroom hooks on a wall
WA Assett bathroom renovation in Southern River

Smartly-designed shelves will also help you hide away smaller items. Add shelves into cabinets and onto walls to provide much-needed extra storage space.

3. Look into ‘hidden’ storage

  • More storage doesn’t have to make your bathroom look even more cluttered. There is a couple of concealed storage solutions that we recommend to our clients who are after a minimalist bathroom look:
    • Push-to-open drawers and cupboards. As you can guess, push-to-open storage doesn’t require any handles or door knobs to open and close – just a gentle push and they’ll pop open.

Besides creating a cleaner look overall, you won’t have to worry about extra wear and tear from guests and young kids forcefully opening or closing your bathroom’s drawers and cabinets.

double bathroom sinks in modern small bathroom
WA Assett Renovation in Floreat
  • A hidden laundry chute. Got a two-storey house or apartment with a downstairs laundry? Ditch the dirty laundry basket with a concealed laundry chute that will free up more floor space and save you the trouble of having to cart your laundry in and out of the bathroom whenever guests are over.

For downstairs bathrooms, you can still enjoy an escape from your dirty laundry; a laundry chute built into your custom cabinetry will allow you to hide away your washing where needed.

white bathroom laundry compartment
WA Assett Renovation in Floreat

It’s important to remember that a hidden laundry chute requires an existing one, and it can be an expensive process to install. If you can’t get yourself a hidden chute but are looking for a laundry-hiding alternative, WA Assett can install laundry hampers into your cabinetry.

4. Build a nib wall, ledge or niche into your shower 

A great way to utilise that awkward empty space between your vanity and shower is a nib wall. This is a type of bricked and tiled wall which is typically built to the same height of your vanity, with a recessed shelf on the shower side to store your bath products.

Nib walls also add a bit more privacy between the shower and toilet, and can be built to ceiling height or with more decorative features if desired. 

You might also want to look into a ledge or niche. A shower niche is essentially a built-in shelf in the wall that provides extra storage space. A ledge, on the other hand, is a half-height wall that’s built into your shower. Both are great choices, but ledges can be the better choice for those who don’t want to be restricted by the top of a niche.

5. Utilise the space above the toilet

One of the most under-utilised spaces in any bathroom is vertical space, so if you’re really struggling to find any extra room to add some storage, the space above your toilet could be the best place to add some shelving or cupboards.

WA Assett Renovation in South Guidford

Depending on how much space surrounds your toilet, you could add a stylish set of floating shelves, a simple medicine cabinet, or even some vertical storage cupboards on either side of your toilet (handy for keeping extra toilet paper close by!)

Above-the-toilet towel rails are also a great option for storing your towels without taking up precious wall space.

Planning a renovation? Talk to WA’s bathroom renovation experts

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