Why You Should Invest In An Accessible Bathroom, Now.

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large accessible bathroom with bath

The kids are moving out, you’re winding up at work, and you now have a lot of time for yourself. This is a great time to think about the future and especially where you will be living in 10 years time.

Most people would agree, their home is their comfort zone and change at an old age is not always best, but then you start thinking…that shower recess or bathtub won’t be so easy to get in and out of and that basin tap is always so hard to turn onIf you’re agreeing with us, then it’s time to future-proof your bathroom! Here’s a couple of reasons why it pays to invest in an accessible bathroom, now.

These Are The Reasons That You Should Invest In A New Accessible Bathroom Now, To Help You In The Future.

An Accessible Bathroom Will Help Maintain Your Independence

The reality is that as we get older, even just moving around the house can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially the case with the bathroom where the space might be cramped and generally unsafe when wet.

However, by investing in an accessible bathroom, otherwise known as a bathroom with easy disabled access, you’ll be able to have everything you can to move around so you can stay independent. Many of us don’t like to be assisted, especially if we can still do things on our own, and having an accessible bathroom makes that possible even when we’re at an advanced age.

Accessible Bathrooms Keep You Safe

Bathrooms are slippery and have lots of hard surfaces, creating potential for accidents and injuries. Adding grab rails allow you to move up and around the bathroom, reducing any chance of slips and accidental falls. You may also want to transform your current bath into a walk-in shower or a wet room as it is easier to get inside one, not to mention the simpler maintenance.

Accessible Bathrooms Allow You To Stay In Your Own Home Longer

As you grow older, you might be beginning to consider moving to an aged care facility. However, with advances in health care, people today are able to maintain their health and mobility even as they reach their 70s and 80s, allowing them to remain independent and stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Then there’s your home to think about too. For something that you’ve spent a good part of your life investing in, and with neighbours you already know, it may be difficult to imagine that you’d leave your home eventually. Why do that when you can continue staying there, in a place you already feel so comfortable?

It’s possible when you have your bathroom renovated to anticipate your mobility and safety needs. That way, you can spend your advanced years in the comfort of your own home and probably even do away with moving to an aged care facility, which requires more resources and the need to adjust to a new environment.

Renovating your bathroom and turning it into an accessible bathroom takes careful planning. This is where our team at WA Assett The Bathroom Renovators come in. We’ll work with you closely to determine your unique needs so that we can recommend solutions and fittings that address those needs. These include your safety, storage, and space requirements, so you can have a bathroom that matches your style, has adequate space, and allows you to maintain your independence as you grow older.

Our team at are equipped with the necessary skills, training and educated to convert bathrooms in line with accessible standards. Enquire to book your complimentary in-home consultation today and look forward to bathroom bliss.