4 Tips For Designing Your New Bathroom

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Tips For Designing Your New Bathroom colour swatches

Renovating your bathroom is such a rewarding experience and the finished product will not only make your home look more appealing, but a well designed bathroom can even make your life more convenient. At WA Assett, we understand the value and joy a well-designed renovation can bring and are here to help make the process simpler for you.

You’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, but with so many options on offer, where do you start? We have put together this post of our team’s 4 best tips for designing your new bathroom and how to get the most out of your renovation.

Think about what you want to achieve

This seems like an easy question; obviously you want something that’s functional and new. However, think about who you are catering for at home. Is this a new family bathroom for the kids? Is it a small bathroom for an apartment? Do you have people at home with specific needs such as elderly or that have limitations with mobility? Are you short on space and needing to combine an area so it’s multi functional? Or is this your dream master bathroom in the making? What are our best tips for designing your new bathroom?

Our best tips for designing your new bathroom are:

Answering these questions will help you determine what you need to have placed in your bathroom. It is also important to think long term; will this bathroom still serve your needs in 10+ years?

We offer a range of residential and commercial bathrooms based on your specific requirements, such as Liveable Bathrooms and multi-functional designs that can also incorporate a Laundry design for those who are tight on space.

What style are you looking for?

Once you have determined the functionality of your bathroom, it is time to think about the style. Choosing a bathroom style should be a direct reflection of your preferred tastes and become a stand out feature of your home.

If you were looking to add a modern and fresh look to your home, a contemporary look would be the way to go. With this design you would feature minimalistic features with a sleek finish, light colours and a combination of textures. This design is also very flexible, working with both small and large spaces.

If you have an older character home, or simply wish to include a more luxurious look to your home, a traditional bathroom could be for you. This design will often see uses of marble and wooden details that have vintage undertone themes. The one down side to this design is it is not so accommodating with smaller spaces!

Obviously there are dozens of styles to pick from, so you just need to find the style or mix of styles that suit you and your home the best. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, don’t be concerned as our In House design team will help you every step of the way.

Determine budget early on

We never want to show a client their dream bathroom and then tell them they can’t afford it as everybody is left feeling a little disappointed. The best way to avoid this is to determine your budget early on, before you make your selections. There is no need to be disappointed by seeing products that you can’t afford. By giving us your budget, we can work on delivering the best bathroom for you. By talking to us about the look and style you want to achieve, we are able to source the products to achieve your bathroom goals.

Speak to the experts

Our last tip is to come and speak to us! We have over twenty years experience in the industry and a guarantee on our workmanship. We understand that a renovation is a big step to take when you are unsure of where to start, so hopefully our tips have helped you out (we have plenty more too). If you are looking at making your bathroom renovation dreams come true, talk to us today and get your own seal of satisfaction.