Incorporating textures into your bathroom renovation: A guide for Perth homeowners

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WA Assett bathroom renovation with smooth darker textures mixed with white and vintage worn mirrors

When considering bathroom renovation ideas, the focus often leans towards colour schemes, and spatial arrangements.

However, achieving the perfect bathroom isn’t just about space, it’s about creating a space with depth, character, and visual interest.

One often overlooked, yet transformative, element in any bathroom design is texture.

It can be subtle, but adding texture to your bathroom creates visual interest, energy, and elevates
your space from one-note to a rich, welcoming room.

Whether it’s matching calmer colour styles, like black and white, with added depth like stone, ceramic, or mosaic tiles; or pairing the cool, smooth touch of marble countertops with the rustic grit of natural stone, or the warmth of wooden accents, texture breaks up your finishes, adding depth and dimension to your bathroom space.

Incorporating textures into your bathroom renovation can breathe life into the space, turning it from mundane to inviting. Here’s why you should consider incorporating textures and some practical ideas to enhance your bathroom renovations in Perth.

Our top bathroom renovation ideas to incorporate texture

Add depth with tiles, feature tiles, laminate, and melamine finishes

Texture in your tiles helps to create shadow. Which, in this instance, is a good thing. Shadow helps to create a personality; it can move with the light, creating a visual texture that draws the eye.

You can get a range of textured tiles, feature tiles, laminates, and melamine finishes these days, which help create a tactile difference in your bathroom.

As a lower-maintenance and often cheaper alternative to actual timber, melamine with textured timber finishes can be a great choice for promoting a “natural” look.

Vinyl wrap can help to promote textures throughout the bathroom without actually replacing whole fixtures. This will also allow you more control over the texture, giving it a consistent look, rather than potential irregularities with wood grains.

Vinyl-wrapped doors are also generally a lot more resilient and damage resistant, and are considered to be more durable than your average wood door.

Products like rustic stone floor tiles don’t just look good—their texture feels different underfoot, too. It creates a more homely feel, while at the same time creating a nostalgic elegance.

Handmade tiles, by their nature, are finished with imperfections. No two lines are the same, delivering an organic feel to any tiled space.

Textured feature tiles draw the eye, creating a sense of storytelling to the room.

Or for a more cost-effective option, textured laminate and melamine finishes help to create a three-dimensional feel that you otherwise wouldn’t get from a smooth, flat finish.

Stone benchtops

The right benchtop has the power to elevate your bathroom from just another room, to a space where you want to spend your time.

And an easy way to do this is with a beautiful stone benchtop. By its very nature, stone has an undeniably strong quality to it. But somewhat paradoxically, it also lends a coolness, and warmth to a space. These can sometimes be perceived as more expensive, but they can be very reasonably priced and are WA Assett’s primary choice for custom-made bench-tops.

white bathroom cupboards classic taps

Stone benchtops provide unique texturing and patterned finishes that create a statement in any bathroom renovation.

Textured taps and accessories

Why should your benchtops and tiling have all the fun? Textured taps, fittings, and bathroom accessories are becoming more common as tastes expand.

Rustic looking textured tap above basin

From textured tap handles, in unique designs, to wall hooks for your towels or bathrobes, the subtle indents and lines of a textured fitting adds an extra luxe element to a bathroom space. These subtle indents and lines not only elevate the aesthetic, but also contribute to the overall feeling of spaciousness, which is ideal for small bathroom renovations.

Textured paints and wallpapers

Things have changed since the popcorn ceilings of the 70s. These days, you can get textured paints and wallpapers that are designed for bathroom spaces.

But rather than creating texture that stands out like a sore thumb, it instead adds a subtle element that underpins the rest of your bathroom’s style. From a single accent wall finished with a careful wallpaper choice to match your theme, to complete coverage of your walls that serves to highlight your other textural elements, you’re able to build space and warmth by using undertones, rather than overtones. Undertones can add depth and warmth to your space without overwhelming it.

Towels and plants

Towels aren’t just functional; they contribute to the visual warmth of your bathroom renovation. Choose towels that have different textures to subtly enhance your space and add accents.

Whether it’s a thick, plush bath towel or floor mat, or a vintage linen hand towel; hanging on a range or stacked neatly in the corner; towels add warmth to any bathroom, in a way that’s not immediately noticeable.

Plants, on the other hand, introduce vibrant textures and colours. From a delicate string of pearls to a large leafy monstera, plants can provide an easy, yet impactful, addition to your bathroom.

Pair texture with the right lighting

Texture is fine on its own. The subtle look and feel creates an allure that draws you into a space. But when paired with the right lighting, it really comes into its own.

bathroom renovation

Installing lighting that works to catch the subtleties, undulations, and imperfections of your textured pieces truly enhances its look. It takes a seemingly flat surface and creates shadow, boosting the vibrancy and liveliness of the textured surface, making it feel alive.

Upgrade your Perth bathroom renovation with WA Assett

Texture in a bathroom is a critical element that can often go overlooked in favour of colour and fixtures. By adding textured elements, whether it’s natural stone benchtops, textured tiling, paints, or even a few good plants, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, while adding depth and character to the space.

All it takes is the right eye, and a knowledge of what works together, to create visual interest, evoke a sense of luxury, and contribute a tactile experience that truly elevates your bathroom space.

At WA Assett, we love discussing ways to add texture to your bathroom renovation ideas. Get in touch with our experienced team today to book an estimate for your bathroom renovation, and discover how some subtle—or not so subtle—texture will create an inviting, exciting bathroom.