So You’ve Booked Your Bathroom Renovation With WA Assett, What’s Next?

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One of our friendly consultants can provide a free WA bathroom renovation quote

When you’re through the sign off and estimate phase of your bathroom renovation, you’ll get to visit WA Assett’s private selection centre.

This is where the magic happens: where you provide us with your vision while touring our selection centre, where you can see 12 bathrooms and a laundry for inspiration. So, what exactly goes on in the selection meeting?

Please note: The selections centre is only for clients of WA Assett. The general public cannot visit without an appointment.

The bathroom renovation process

1. We go over your estimate

This is where we go over your estimate and finalise all the nitty gritty. Any questions? We’ll answer them at your selection meeting. Here, you’ll view the design and your consultant will take you through the details of your estimate.

This is also where you’ll make any final adjustments to your design.

2. We discuss the design

Choosing your bathroom design is a two-sided process. This is where you’ll need to bring along any inspiration or imagery so that we can select your tiles and fittings. We will also go over the drawings and discuss the details of your new space. This could be anything from the right place to position storage or which fixtures you want for your shower.

3. We take you around the showroom

This is one part that our clients always love without fail. This is when we show you the 12 bathrooms and the laundry displays that we have for show. These are all different styles and trends and give you a wide variety of inspiration to choose from – from tapware to wall tiles.

4. Sign off!

Once our meeting is complete, we will go away and revise your project’s pricing based on the selections you’ve made. When we’ve finalised this, we’ll prepare your contract for signing, so that we can begin ordering your goods ASAP.

Your bathroom selections meeting checklist

Want to make sure you’re ready for your bathroom selections meeting? Here are the things you don’t want to forget when coming in to kick off your vision:

Bring your inspo

Don’t forget to bring along your bathroom renovation inspiration or imagery! This will help us guide you in your choices and assist you in selecting your tiles and fittings.

Plenty of time

Selections meetings can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours, depending on rooms and how familiar you are already with your bathroom renovation vision. We’ll also then discuss the timeline, what trades will be on site, organise a delivery date to the site for goods, and discuss the contract and role of production.

Matching to existing finishes

Want to match your new ensuite tiles to the carpet in your bedroom? Or do you have a favourite paint colour you want to match to? Bring a sample along so we can use it as colour reference when selecting your tiles.

Know your availability

Make sure you know your availability so that we can lock in the best available date for you! We are often booked out quite far in advance, so having some realistic dates set aside is important.

Any questions!

We choose our bathroom consultants carefully – and many of them have been with us for a long time. They have the interior design know-how and extensive knowledge of the renovation process. Any concerns or questions, please let them know!

So, what’s next?

Once that’s all signed off, what’s next?

We’ll book in a date and time with you to get started on your bathroom renovation. As soon as contracts are signed, we order your bathroom goods. That means that you should expect your bathroom goods to arrive prior to the reno. Don’t worry – we’ll organise a delivery date with you in advance.

The first part of every renovation is the demolition which usually only takes around one day to complete. The demolition will be followed by building works, plumbing and electrical, tiling, bathroom selection installation – and then the handover!

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that when your bathroom is finished, it doesn’t just meet but exceeds your expectations. Our goal is always to create a space that you will love. If you’re interested in booking a bathroom renovation with WA Assett, please fill in the form on our website to get a free estimate or give us a call on 9473 1800.