The Five Top Bathroom Trends For 2021

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small bathroom blue and white bath in background

They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, but when it comes to a little bit of private time, surely the bathroom takes the (soap) cake. The bathroom is a quiet sanctuary to soak away our worries, retreat from the world for a while - or just get away from the kids.

Now, more than ever, people are investing big on arguably one of the smallest rooms in the house.  But how best to spend that investment? To help, we’ve put together a list of our top five on-trend bathroom tips for 2021.

1. Shower ledge 

Let’s face it, the shower niche is so 2020.  This year, we’re seeing the feature shower ledge working its way up the popularity ranks. 

Simply put, the shower ledge is similar to the shower niche, but without the restrictive top section that limits the height of shower accessories.  Perfect for contemporary or traditional bathrooms and super functional, a shower ledge can be built in a one, two or three tile design combo. 

shower ledge

It’s ideal for showcasing a feature half-wall, while contrasting the remaining wall with a different tile or waterproof panel.  The floor tiles can be either matching or contrasting. The best bit?  A shower ledge allows enough space for even the tallest bottle of body wash or hair shampoo. 

2. Go bold

The simple white-on-white still has its charm and is a customer favourite here at WA Assett, but if a daring look is more your thing, 2021 is the time to go bold. Whether it’s a colourful patterned flooring, the use of subway tiles or a feature wall (we see you, shower ledge), the name of the game in 2021 is to create a bathroom that makes a statement.  

small bathroom

Bathroom trends are steering away from being cold and sterile, and are instead moving towards warm and welcoming, bringing them further into line with the rest of the home.  Even hardware finishes such as tapware and tubs are getting a colour or textural makeover. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, 2021 is the year to dive in.

3. Vertical panelling

In line with this year’s trend of strong yet welcoming bathroom features, traditional plain white wall tiling is being switched out for a decidedly more luxurious tongue-and-groove vertical wall panelling.  

Designed to mimic the warmth of timber finishes, the wonders of new tech have made these gorgeous wall panels moisture and rot resistant, giving them an all-access pass to semi-wet areas around the home (apart from the shower recess).  

Created to replicate a more natural, earthy vibe that’s in sync with the environment, we’re currently loving the HardiGroove Lining range brought out by James Hardie. 

4. Floating storage

This year, bathroom designers everywhere have decided that floating storage is the way forward – and our lower backs thank them for it.  Gone are the days of crouching down or stretching up to reach for a bath towel or hair curling iron.  

These days, it’s all about literal in-your-face storage in the form of mirrored wall cabinets, eye-level shelves and floating vanities that not only look fantastic, but provide loads of much-needed bathroom space.  

floating storage

Now with more mix-and-match options than ever before, floating storage can be customised to suit any bathroom’s style and colour scheme, at any price point. 

5. Copper tones

Seeing that every square inch of a bathroom is competing to make a statement in 2021, it stands to reason that white or silver chrome tapware have new rivals this year.   

Black tapware is still holding strong, but we’re seeing even more colour being introduced in the form of brushed nickel, gold, brass or copper treatments on everything from tapware to entire bathtubs.  

As much as we love the latest bathroom renovation trends, it’s pretty safe to say that there is never one kind of style to fit every kind of person. 

At WA Assett, we prefer to treat our clients as individuals rather than numbers, which makes us the experts when it comes to creating customised bathrooms that are as unique as the people who use them. 

If you’re in Perth and would like to know more about how to give your bathroom a renovation or to discuss bathroom renovation ideas, talk to one of our expert team on 9473 1800, or get in touch today.