Our Favourite Bathroom Tile Trends In 2022

Design Trends
dark tile detail in small modern bathroom renovation

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the top bathroom design trends for 2022, you’ll have seen that natural colours and materials, textures, and bold patterns are in vogue – and tiling is the perfect medium to incorporate these trends.

Aesthetics aside, you should also consider tiling designs that make your bathroom easy to clean. Plus, if you have household members or guests with mobility issues, you’ll want to choose floor tiles that are non-slip with an even surface to make sure your bathroom is future-proof.

Whether you’re looking to completely transform your bathroom’s style or simply add a splash of colour and decorative accents here and there, start gathering some inspiration with our top picks for trending bathroom tile designs in 2022.

Geometric shapes and patterns

Black and white hexagonal tiles in a shower niche
Geometric shower tiles from our bathroom renovation project in Leeming

Create a bold and unique bathroom look with some geometric tiles. Available in a range of shapes and patterns, some of the most popular styles today include mermaid tiles, hexagon tiles, chevron tiles, and herringbone tiles.In terms of colour palettes, we’re seeing a demand for neutral schemes tempered with muted blues, greens, browns, and pinks.

Not a fan of neutrals? Multi-coloured tiles are currently having a moment, so if you want to add more character and contrast to your bathroom’s look, you might like to try a colourful mosaic accent wall or some eye-catching Art Deco floor tiles.

We also love how some homeowners are mixing jewel tones with metallic fixtures for a more vibrant, high-contrast style.

Wood-look tiles

This large modern shower renovation includes two sets of rain showers and hand held showers and glass panels
Wood-look shower tiling from our bathroom renovation project in Rossmoyne

With its natural patterns and earthy tones, wood-look floor tiles can create a warmer and cosier feel for your bathroom. From a rustic and weathered look to a contrasting chevron pattern, these tiles can be styled to suit whatever bathroom vibe you are going for. 

Faux wood tiles are available in porcelain or ceramic. While the latter option is cheaper, porcelain tile is much more durable, waterproof, and resistant to scratches and discolouration.

Stone tiles

A large all-white bathroom with grey tiling
Stone-look tiling from our bathroom renovation project in Bayswater

Another nature-inspired trend, we love the sheer variety of textures and colours that stone and stone-look tiles offer. 

Marble tiles are a classic choice for a refined bathroom design; slate tiles offer durability and a rugged elegance; and terrazzo-look tiles help brighten up any space and add a playful touch with their flecks of colour.

As you would expect, real stone tiles are more expensive and will need to be sealed by a professional to protect against water, fire, and last longer over time. On the other hand, stone-look tiles can create a more polished appearance without being nearly as costly or difficult to maintain.

Large, matte finish tiles

This new bathroom renovation has a spacious walk-in shower, a floating vanity with two sinks, and two mirrors
We installed matte-finish floor tiling for this bathroom renovation in Wandi

Do you want a more modern and luxe feel for your bathroom? Large bathroom tiles with a matte finish are an ideal choice, and are gaining popularity in subdued colours like slate grey and greige (grey + beige). 

Whether you want to combine them with another style of accent tiles or use them all over your bathroom, using larger tiles can make a space appear bigger than it actually is. With fewer grout lines to scrub away at, it’s also a more low-maintenance tiling option.

Some of the key benefits of matte finish tiles are that they are better at hiding fingerprint smudges and water marks, and they are more durable and have better traction than glossy tiles which lessens the risk of any slips and falls in your bathroom.

Can’t make up your mind on which tile trends to apply to your own bathroom? Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles! Many homeowners are starting to experiment more with contrasting tile shapes, colours, and textures, to create a truly personalised space they love.

While your bathroom is, for the most part, a functional space that you only spend a small amount of your time in, it’s also a space where you return to relax and refresh yourself – it’s surprising how much a change in your bathroom’s scenery can lift your mood!

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