Our Top Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas For 2022

Design Trends
small bathroom renovation with round mirror modern

Maximising your bathroom’s space and your budget is all about creating a smart and thoughtful design.

Naturally, it also helps to work with a team that has the industry experience to create a bathroom design that is tailored to your living requirements now and in the future. Whether you’re planning to completely transform your bathroom’s look or want tips on how to free up more space and declutter your bathroom, read on for our best small bathroom renovation ideas.

Add more eye-level storage for easy access

This bathroom features a large countertop and overhead storage cupboard space around the vanity, a nib wall to separate the vanity from the walk-in shower, and a low inbuilt bathtub
We added plenty of eye-level storage cupboards and a bath tub nook in this South Guildford bathroom renovation.

Adding storage is by far one of the easiest ways to make a small bathroom a lot more spacious. This keeps a lot of things out of sight that might make the bathroom look cramped, like your dirty laundry, towels, makeup, shaving gear, toothbrushes, hair dryer and all those other bathroom accessories you have collected over time.

Adding storage is not only simple to do, but it can also be added seamlessly into your small bathroom renovation through smart design. Our top tip is eye-level storage, which is usually hidden behind the mirror above your vanity or cupboards and drawers built into your vanity. For more bathroom storage ideas, read our earlier post on how to maximise space in a small bathroom.

Light & bright is your best friend

white and black bathroom, small round window above
A small bathroom renovation we completed in Mount Lawley.

Next, we move to a staple in space-starved rooms: a light and bright colour palette. This tip might not come as a surprise, but it’s effective and often doesn’t go out of style. Whether it’s pure white, beige, or grey, light colours are your best friend when designing a small bathroom.

Consider these colours when making your selections for tiles, vanity, and paint. Bright and light colours tend to reflect light rather than absorb it, giving the added feeling of space to any room.

Draw the eye to a feature wall

modern black and white tiled bathroom small
A modern bathroom renovation we completed in Floreat.

Having feature tiles on a wall in a small bathroom is another proven technique to make it look and feel roomier, as it helps break the monotony of the overall look of the room. However, try to keep your choice of tiles as simple as possible, otherwise, it can look busy and overwhelming—quite the opposite of what you were trying to achieve. Consider using a textured tile in the same colour as the rest of the room as the feature wall.

Need a bit of inspiration around what tile styles to use in your bathroom? Check out our top tile picks and current trending styles here.

Open up your bathroom with glass doors

large shower area with toilet
A modern bathroom design with glass shower panels and marble tiling.

Separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom can be as easy as putting up a shower curtain, but this tends to make your bathroom look cramped and cause more water to drip out over the floor. Instead, we recommend installing some glass shower doors.

Not only will a glass shower door prevent leaks and be much easier to clean, they will make your bathroom feel more expansive by allowing more light to pass through the shower and illuminate the entire space even more.

Ready to renovate your small bathroom?

Now that you’ve soaked up a few of our favourite small bathroom renovation ideas, it’s time to put these into effect for your bathroom. If you’re looking to maximise the space of your small bathroom, get in touch with our team for a complimentary in-home consultation and estimate.